Behind the lens: Part 3 - 29th Nov 2011

Paul Smith, born and raised an Englishman... now well and truly a kiwi in most senses of the word. Paul trained as a mechanical engineer (with a PhD in composites no less), and worked in various positions in the automotive industry, before moving to NZ and becoming a lecturer. He is now the mastermind behind Inspiring riding, and working as a freelance writer and photographer for several world-class publications.

Here he is taking a fairly relaxed approach to the job... I'm not sure if he planned it like this, or slipped on his cleats...
Either way - the photo turned out great. This is Jimmy, showing us how its done one one of several swing bridge crossings on the Heaphy track.

After riding the Heaphy track, we'd planned a spare day to ride a couple of lovely shortish tracks in Golden Bay. Here's Paul again, looking slightly more in control this time ...and the photo he was after. Jimmy again, cruising through some nice beech forest singletrack on our way to the Rameka.

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