At Freeload we are inspired by the challenge of exploration and discovery.
Be it seeking out remote single-track or pushing the limits of innovative design, here at Freeload we love nothing better than to work the boundaries and risk the edge as we create, prove and provide exciting new load carrying products for riders world-wide.
Since the formation of Freeload in 2007, our team has created an exciting range of products, shaped by rider needs and expectations globally.
Designed and proven in New Zealand, home to some of the most exciting and challenging touring conditions on and off-road, Freeload products are continually developed to meet the needs of riders in every category from bikepacking and road touring to urban commuting and work-related transportation.

We create products that extend and enable exploration and enhance the recreation and transportation experience of the modern bicycle.
We are passionate about discovery and adventure, whether it be in the design studio or off-road exploring the wilderness by bicycle.

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