Moron to Moron

Moron to Moron
"It has long been a dream of ours to cycle from Moron to Moron. Back in 2000, we first noticed that there were two towns in Mongolia, both called Moron (or Mörön, or МӨРӨН). Ever since, a single question has burned in our hearts and minds. How could we not cycle from Moron to Moron? It has to be done, and we are the two morons for the job."

Day 0
Big day racing around Beijing, doing last-minute errands. Finish packing around 11pm. Our stuff: three big cheap stripey bags, one zip already broken, crammed full of our otherwise expensive-looking and numerous panniers and miscellany. We have lots of sensible cycling gear, sensible outdoor gear, and some good silly for-the-camera gear: 2x Star Trek: New Generation sunglasses, 2x gay disco welding visors, 2x spandex unitards (skeleton and leopard-print). Also: two cardboard bikes boxes, crammed with brand-new UCC cycles (anyone heard of UCC? We haven’t), purchased in Beijing yesterday from a lovely young woman called Heaven, and this dude called Rhino who couldn’t speak a word of English, but seemed to know what he was gesticulating about...

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