Haulin' stuff

Dave Gray is a designer of bikes and components for Surly in Minnesota.
We met at Interbike in Las Vegas back in 2009, and since then Dave has been finding all sorts of uses for his racks... and testing them on more bikes than you can shake a stick at.

He's a self proclaimed' tinkerer' and a damn good engineer, he's a dedicated commuter, an endurance snow-biker, bike camper, longboarder...
He regularly rides his cargo bike, cruisers, road bikes, mountain bikes, 'cross, touring, BMX, electric-assist, folding bikes, unicycles...12" -  36" wheels...single-speed and geared...fixed and freewheel...classic and modern.
Variety is the spice of life...right? But, if pressed to pick one: "it would be my Pugsley. It travels over and through the widest range of terrain."

Read more about Dave here at Dirt Rag's 'Bicycle Industry Insider Profile' page.

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