Rob in Hokaido

Rob in Hokaido
Rob Thomson is a Kiwi, living in Japan, where he is a Masters student at the Graduate School of International Media and Communications in Hokaido.
Rob is also a 'hard-end' user in the human-powered transport community, having undertaken a 12 000km bike journey across the Eurasian continent.
He also happens to be the world record holder for long-distance skateboarding (12,159km miles across Europe, the US, and China).
Rob got in touch with us a couple of months ago, as he was building up a new Surly Karate Monkey and liked the looks of our rack system. 
It took us about two seconds to decide it would be a good idea to send him some racks - we can't wait to see where he goes next, and look forward to the valuable feedback he'll be able to provide.

Keep up with Rob's adventures here, and click here or here to see some great interviews with him during and after his record breaking journey.
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