Freeload... meet Pugsley

25th Jul 2011

For those of you un-familiar with fat-bikes - these are true all terrain bicycles,  designed around 3.5" + tires which can be run at super low pressures. This gives you unbelievable traction and floatation, making it possible to ride over terrain and surfaces you previously thought impossible. Thanks to David … read more

Packing tips

14th Jul 2011

Check out this great animation from Adventure Cycling's staff on packing your panniers. On short trips you may not need all this gear - the animation is based on Adventure Cycling's basic What to Take and How to Pack article for bike touring. The Adventure Cycling Association was established in 1973, … read more

Dry bags in stock

11th Jul 2011

We now offer a selection of dry bags from the best in the business - SealLine, from Seattle USA. SealLine bags are the best we've found in terms of quality and durability, and have out-lasted all other bags we've used. We now offer 10 and 20 litre sizes, in two tough materials. For more … read more


29th Jun 2011

The Heaphy track in Kahurangi National Park is a beautiful 80 km of single-track starting in Golden Bay and traversing to the West Coast through diverse landscape and vegetation. After being closed to mountain biking for 15 years it is now open to mountain bikers on a trial basis from … read more

Load options

26th May 2011

We get a lot of people asking for advice and recommendations on luggage systems, as well as the best way to load your bike for various trips. Of course there are no hard and fast rules here, and depending on your bike (and thickness of your wallet)  there are many … read more

Overnight success

12th May 2011

In the immortal words of Tom Waits   "...there ain't nothin like a campfire and a can of beans..." Or in my case a butane canister and a pot of miso soup. Its great to get out of the house for a quick mid week overnight trip every now and then, … read more

I love Dunedin...

8th May 2011

...because it only takes an hour and a half from home to here... And from here - its a forty minute downhill to the office : ] read more


6th May 2011

Dave and our friends at Surly in the USA have been great supporters and keen users of Freeload racks since the beginning. As well as making kick-arse bikes, parts and accessories, they also manage to find the time to poke in some pretty awesome adventures...  "At 2:30 on Thursday - … read more
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